Sunday, July 10, 2011

It IS an amazing world out there

How often do we forget or ignore the everyday things that we see that are capable of bringing us SO much pleasure?

Have you ever walked down a country road while farmers are cutting and baling hay? Did you stop and enjoy the sweet smell of the freshly mown grass? Or admire the amazing symmetry of a well-formed hay bale?
Can you appreciate the farmers whose days begin at dawn and who are still out there "making hay while the sun shines" at dusk?

Or, driving down the highway, have you ever noticed the fascinating colours of the rocks illuminated by the setting sun?

I am thankful for Hoover who walks with me most days and who, like my grand toddlers in Vancouver, encourages me to slow down, see, smell and touch the world around me. It really IS an amazing world out there.

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