Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer is lingering on

It's hard to believe that here, in the Maritimes, it is now September 1st  and it is still balmy and hot. This is most unusual and, frankly, unwelcome. I'm definitely an "autumn" person - not only in terms of complimentary colours for makeup and wardrobe, but in terms of climate preferences. I love the cool, crisp, bug-free days that we normally have in September and October and endure the hot and sultry days of summer.

Hurricane Earl is on his way up the eastern seaboard and threatening to make our Labour Day week-end celebrations a write-off. Hurricane Fiona is following hot on his heels. Many in this region are loudly singing the country and western song that extolls "Earl Has To Die!"

For the first time in 18 months I had the opportunity to visit my son and his family in Vancouver, BC, in mid-August. When grand children are very young, the difference from infant to toddler is enormous. We had a wonderful visit, though, and I got to know the kids a bit more. Hopefully they'll remember me, too.


My photo shoots in August seemed to follow along on the family theme.

And another...

September, so far, seems to be leaning toward more equine sport photography, but we'll see. Not much will get done if this heat continues.