Friday, April 15, 2011

Specials offered ONLY during the Equine Review

Thinking of having a family portrait done?

 Want to have your own "personal paparazzi" capture your action at a show or event?

Thinking of an image that will remind you of a special relationship for all time?

 Or a beautiful image to grace the walls of your home....

Photoshoots booked during the Equine Review week-end are eligible for a 25% reduction in the session fee. Drop by my booth and ask me about it. See you in a couple of weeks!

Action in the horse world is heating up

Horse show season in the Maritimes is getting under way. Here in New Brunswick, the first major event of the season is the Equine Review Exhibition and Trade Show held in Sussex at the Princess Louise Park Show Centre. Four buildings full of exhibits, constant demonstrations in the main arena, lectures and training opportunities run for two full days, Sat. April 30th and Sun. May 1st. For most people in this area, the Equine Review is the official start to show season.

This year the NB Equestrian Association is also giving a boost to show season by hosting a horse showing 'primer' clinic - Competition 101; everything you need to know to get ready for your first horse show.

If you, or anyone you know, is planning on showing a horse this season, especially for the first time or if you're returning to showing after an extended absence, be sure to check out the Competition 101 clinic happening near Fredericton on the 23rd of April. There will be several instructors and demonstrators on hand to provide guidance and information to make that first show a wonderful experience for you as a competitor, a parent of a competitor, a supporter or groom for a competitor, or a coach of a competitor. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to find out how to prepare for the best show season possible.

Competition 101 - So, you want to show a horse this season?

On Saturday afternoon, April 23rd, from 1-4 PM, there will be a FREE CLINIC for ANY and ALL NBEA members; potential competitors, coaches (counts for updating hours), parents and supporters.

Going to your first horse show - as a competitor, supporter (groom) or parent can be a daunting experience if you don't know where to start. This clinic is designed to help first time, or potential first time, competitors wade through the myriad of details and preparation that leads to a happy and successful show experience for all involved.

Find out what a prize list is, where to find one for your event, how to read and understand them and how to fill out the application forms correctly. Get some hints on what is appropriate turnout (grooming, braiding/banding, tack etc. for the horse and clothes and equipment for the rider) for your particular discipline.

Depending on your discipline and level of competition, learn about the judges' expectations in the show ring. Learn where to find, and how to understand, the rules and class descriptions for your discipline.

There's a lot to think about well in advance of a show. If you are "Training to Compete" - what do you need to know? Does your horse require any particular vaccinations to compete? What about special shoeing needs? How are you going to get your horse to and from the show, and what about stabling on-site?

What is your fitness level? Do you need help getting in shape for the rigours of training and showing? How about your horse's conditioning? And nutrition - for both of you - before and during the event? What is drug testing? Who might be tested and why?

Psychologically, are you ready? What is sport psychology and how can it help you?

There will be both classroom sessions and live demonstrations.

If you are thinking about showing for the first time, or returning to the ring after an absence and want a refresher, this is the clinic for you!

RSVP: The clinic is being held at Geary Hill Stables in Geary, NB. So the organizers can be prepared for the right number of participants, if you are planning to attend, or have any questions, please, call Deanna Phelan at (506) 461-1649 and let her know.

This clinic is brought to you courtesy of NBEA Zone 3, Dressage NB and the NB Hunter-Jumper Association and is open to all NBEA members in any discipline.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ah April... you tease!

One day the snow is falling, the next it's warm and sunny - luring us into thinking that it truly is spring. Not! Then we get hit with more cold temperatures, biting winds, and precipitation that is confused about its own identity.

Still, when I'm out early in the morning with Hoover, and it's warm, the sky is clear with twinkling stars, no wind and no noise, I enjoy those peaceful times while they last. Here's hoping!

The ever optimistic other half took his new toy out for a spin the other day. Happiness is zooming around Sussex on the  Jazz! Good for him. Finally, something to play with and enjoy on warm, sunny days.

For me, it's all about getting out there with the camera gear. I've been slack of late, so it's time to gear up and go!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I believe.... I believe.... I believe

The sun is shining and it's early April. Therefore, it must be spring. If that is the case, why is it so bloody cold? The wind has the bitter nip of February in its teeth as it snaps at your fingers, cheeks and eyelashes.

If you can find a spot in the sun, sheltered from the wind, it's quite pleasant. But finding that cherished location requires some ingenuity and perseverance.

In the meantime, the presence of a small bouquet of daffodils, purchased in support of the cancer society, helps with the illusion, I guess.

But, spring will come, followed closely by summer in all its glory, we hope. It just can't come soon enough.