Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Busy week-end = lots of editing

I spent most of the week-end at the Princess Louise Park Show Centre in Sussex, NB. My student, Zara Morrison, was competing on two horses this time: her own Fadjura's Ajiba NA+, with whom she achieved the horse's Legion of Honour designation AND received the Rider of Champions Award; AND NF Satori (owned by Jessie MacLean of Sussex Corner).

This whole dressage thing is new to Tori. The 15-year-old gelding has only been in dressage training for about a month and this was his first Dressage NB show. Although a novice, he performed well and, when all was said and done, Zara and Tori captured the Training (Junior division) Championship for the week-end AND Zara and Ajiba were the Reserve Champions for the same division.

Zara and Tori
Zara and Ajiba
None of these achievements would have been possible, however, without the tremendous support of family and friends. Zara's mother, Marion, is the backbone of the support team, making sure that both daughter and horse(s) are ready, gleaming, hydrated and ready to go - with help from Nicky (designated team support person), me (the coach / photographer / publicist) and this time, Jessie (Tori's owner).

And speaking of family, once the horse show was over I dashed off to do a 3-generation family photoshoot. What a great group to work with - just too much fun. And, of course, Marv the Burmese Mountain Dog got into the act too.

All in all it was quite the week-end!

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