Sunday, July 31, 2011

The sun shone on the last day of the month

What a beautiful morning for a drive / walk in the countryside. Joel, Hoover and I set out early this morning to explore a nearby area - scouting it as a possible photo location for the fall when my friend, Lauren, is here from Texas; AND scouting out a possible fishing location for Joel.

We found BOTH!

The Moosehorn Creek is within the designated Geo Park area - the only one of its kind in North America!
 Not only is it within a reasonable walking distance along the side of the Creek, but there's a well maintained path and ample parking. By October the foliage should be spectacular!

I am constantly amazed at the beauty that surrounds us here in tiny little New Brunswick - an area often ignored by tourists as they rush through the province in their haste to get to the better-known, but no more lovely, provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

But, for those of us who live here and appreciate what we have, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.

And then you can come home to an adoring friend who is ALWAYS happy to see you.

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