Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ideas on a dreary day

Good (soggy) morning aspiring photographers. It's hard to get motivated when the skies are grey and everything around you is wet and dismal. But, there are always things to shoot. You could play with lighting indoors. Try using a flash creatively. Try bumping your ISO waaayyyy up there and NOT using a flash to see what happens - just how bad IS the noise anyway?

For subjects - just look around. Do you have a pretty vase? Some flowers or plants in the house?

Or, for more challenge - something that moves (like a small child or a pet)?

How about an elderly relative or friend - whose character lines etched on the face speak volumes? Can you capture them in a way that shows every well-earned groove (or facial scars, as in Hoover's case)?

Got something you want to sell? Today is a good day for taking a picture of that item for your advertisement. (Yes, this professional steam carpet cleaning machine and a lot of other stuff IS for sale, by the way.)

For more ideas on motivating yourself and making time to grab that camera and shoot, check this out…

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